Monday, April 8, 2013

Make your own Rosettes

I will try to explain as clear as possible, Not very good with instructions though I am afraid lol
Here goes :)

Start off with a 12 Inch strip by 2 Inches or 2 1/2 etc depending on how big you want them.
I made mine 2 and a half inches because I then used a

Using a Martha Stewart Scoring Board score each line as shown in picture.
You are then going to fold each line in mountain then Valley fold.

How it will look when Folded.

Glue both ends together to form a circle like above, then use any circle punch for the backing piece which you will glue your Rosette on to hold in place.

Add your glue then carefully push your rosette circle down making sure your pretty edge is towards the outside to form the rosette shape. ( I hope this makes sense, I could not take a picture as I was doing this lol )

When Stuck down, ( use a good fast drying glue even hot glue )
You can then add another punched out shape for the centre and some bling on the top.
I just used an old button.

Hope this helps a little :)

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